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Duzce Melen Full Package Rafting Activity

The Excitement Of Rafting The Daily Details Of The Program

Activity Summary

  • Daily
  • Track: 12 Km
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Professional Guide Service
  • Difficulty: 3 -3 To+
  • Photos
  • Breakfast Before Rafting
  • Grill After The Rafting

Melen Rafting

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  • with prices starting from

Shuttle transportation services in conjunction with daily rafting for our participants who have purchased the tour departure points and times are as follows.At the same time ready at least 10 minutes before our guests to the rendezvous point must be reachable on their phone.
You can mark the insertion phase during the transport of the basket option.

  • 07:00 Move in front of Bakırköy Old Boyner New Alfemo
  • 07:30 Move in front of Şişli Cevahir AVM
  • 08:00 Move in Kadıköy Evlendirme Daire'si
  • 08:30 Move in front of Pendik Brigde
  • 09:00-10:00 please contact for Gebze Kocaeli and Sakarya
  • Our future participants with their own vehicles no later than 11:00 rafting we are born in facilities should be ready.

Our Rafting Guide Training Standards

  • River rafting in Turkey Mustafa Kaya, the founder of the Department, grown in the river is one of the first guides and the World Federation of national institutions. River guide training, education, experience and authority our founders we are born for the team who has a river guide, search and rescue, education and so on is known as.
  • In the same way our team is an expert in the field, national or international, who have completed their training consists of a trained qualified and certified guide.

Doğadayız governing the organization a lot of extreme sports in various regions of Turkey and is an extreme sports and activity holiday company, which operates its own. The intermediary is not a firm or seller.

  • A-class tourism travel agency.
  • High on guest satisfaction and safety satisfaction and safety standards that have been developed for the work experience within the framework of the type of activity he is. No. 1618 tourism tourist tours made under the act within the scope of the activity is evaluated.Only by the Ministry of Tourism Travel Agencies are entitled to make the kind. If you want to live a beautiful nature day, ask the company's business document for the tour.

Melen river rafting difficulty level 3-3+. Course length is 12 km. Depending on the flow rate of the water flow rate and the duration of the activity lasts 2 hours. There is a short or a long stage.All companies enter and exit the river from the same location.Depending on flow rate and water flow rate, the average duration of the activity lasts around two and a half hours.
Our facility is surrounded in the area of Düzce Melen River at the edge of the foliage where you will feel yourself in a peaceful and calm area with a very large spacious hotel. In our facility we are guests who wish to stay in their homes that is located in Doğadayız bungalow rafting day rafting trips to our facility daily natural nature can turn refurbished at the end of the day.

Our equipment, our facilities and our guides
  • While rafting with a thickness of 3.5 mm neoprene to our clothes that will not restrict your ability to move designed in a way that preserves your body heat model.
  • Our equipment is renewed every year, with drugs with antimicrobial properties are cleaned and made ready for use the next day at the end of each round.
  • Helmets and life jackets and neck lifting with a force assisted with the removal and CE standards and high comfort materials. Thermal neoprene shoes Famous Brands has been procured from our Cress in the same way.
  • Our instructors affiliated to the World Federation of the outdoors from the heart of the rafting professionals.
  • Enjoy your day in nature if you would like to purchase your type of equipment and the safety part look good. The important thing is not how many people we serve in a day, but how many people we can win :)
    We are hoping to see nature on a day...
    • Pre-tour buffet breakfast, tour and dinner, barbecued ribs, Chicken - Salad-French fries - Local yogurtlama
    • The use of all equipment (raft, helmet, paddle, heat-sensitive thermal clothes and shoes)
    • Professional guide service
    • Activity Rafting photography
    • Activity Insurance( Allianz Insurance)
    • Transfer between the starting and endpoint of the river
    Not Included
    • Hot and cold drinks to be taken during lunch
    • The cost of transportation for our guests from Istanbul to use the service are extra.
    Price&Date Table
    You Need to Bring With You
    • Shorts, towel and bikini
    • Slippers
    • Hair dryer
    • Get your photos to USB memory
    • Note: Photos cannot be transferred to phones

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